Wellness Cruise

Find time for the well-being of your body and mind and include activities in your cruise to relax, feel fit and look your best.

With the help of our concierge you can book a relaxing sauna, massage or beauty treatment during your cruise.

Book one of our Spa & Beauty packages and discover the facilities available during your cruise to take advantage of for a break: Turkish baths, thermal baths, ice room, saunas, relaxation rooms, sensory showers, beauty treatments.

And if you want to combine well-being for the body and the mind, you have the opportunity to have a professional of the bionatural disciplines on board.

Imagine waking up with a private Yoga session, or receiving a Shatsu or foot reflexology massage and recovering a unique dimension during your vacation.

The tour is offered in partnership with Sixlands Specialist Tour Operator

INFO: contact@sixlands.co.uk